Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mechanical Logic vs. Biological Logic

The evolution of physics and machines as we know them is intertwined with the nihilistic 'logic' of the "dominator culture." The logic of biology as described below is integrated with egalitarian respect for the life force flowing through all. We can change the world by changing our thoughts and feelings.

Physics Biology
Linear Holistic
Straight Lines are the shortest distance                     Curves are the shortest distance
Squares - minimum boundary                                    Fractal - maximum edges
Big & Fast is most effective                                       Small & Slow is most efficient
More Is Better Right Size Is Best
Economy of Scale is Big Economy of Scale is Fractal
Higher Speeds reach goals sooner Steady Improvement leads to durable change
Short-term and expedient Long-term plan for durability
Conquer Nature and kill the goose Go with the Flow and harvest from abundance
High energy density & intensity Gentle energy flows & distributed storages
Fossil Fuels (includes nuke) Sun, wind, water, plants, muscles
Mass & Energy Life & Evolution

Profit Photosynthesis
Opportunistic Balanced Equilibrium
Wants Needs
Bureaucracy Community
No limits to growth Ecological limits
Capital-intensive Inexpensive and easy to maintain
Entitlement Reverence
Resistance to change Resilience to change
Work hard Work smart
Don't just stand there... Don't just do something...

Objectivity Detachment
Mind-Body Duality Body-Heart-Mind are One
Yang   Yin & Yang
Analyze & Act Observe & Interact
Competition: Win-Lose Cooperation: Win-Win
Fear Friendship
Power Over Power With
Hierarchy of top-down control Network of grassroots interdependence
Centralized Relocalized
Ego   Nature
Separation & Segregation Inclusion & Integration
Mobility  Access

Monoculture Polyculture & Diversity; hedge your bets
Annual crops Perennial Permaculture
Open loop wastes resources, creates poisons Recirculates water, energy, fertility
Simple Operation Multi-layered inter-operation, redundancy
Car  Bicycle or horse
Factories Crafts & workshops
Complicated gadgets Appropriate (simple/traditional) technology
Dedicated gadgets for every single task Nested networked matrix of systems
Efficient engines Forever farmsteads


  1. I think you'll find that the Unified Physics of Nassim Haramein is not the "old school" that you describe here. More enlightened and interconnected.

    Film: TheConnectedUniverseFilm.com
    Free Unified Science class at ResonanceScience.org

    Also YouTube Channel of Resonance Science Foundation includes Bio-Physics of William Brown as well as Unified Field Physics of Nassim Haramein

    Thankfully, they did not get stuck in the paradigm you describe here. Enlightened, in the flow, interconnected, Life Cycle, scalar patterns, and more.

    Well worth looking at.
    Thanks for your vision,